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My name is Karen & I am here to help.

Saavy social media marketer at your service.

I'm a social media manager specialized in content creation and ad campaigns. I help businesses grow their online presence by creating effective social media strategies and engaging with their ideal audience.

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My Origin Story....

Having worked at my family-owned business for most of my life, marketing has always been on my radar. But it wasn't until I got my bachelor's degree in psychology that I became interested in the connection between psychology x marketing. That small moment of curiosity led to furthering my education by getting a Master's Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. 


The hours I worked at a psychology research lab have helped me gain the tools I need to sift through loads of data and come to insightful conclusions that can improve the way businesses connect with their target audience.

When balanced correctly, the combination of consumer psychology & marketing concepts can result in powerful messaging that can resonate and attract people to your business. 

because we all deserve to do what we are passionate about.

Get to know me.


Years of marketing experience


 Inspirational/self-improvement books consumed weekly


Cute cats I take care of on the daily

My career thus far...

Providing my services to stressed-out business owners that desperately need an extra hand. 

After receiving my Master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, I worked for several small businesses around my local area that needed help building an online presence. The owners were always grateful for a helping hand, and I was so happy to lift some of their burdens off their shoulders. 

It was crazy to see how much social media can take up so much of their precious time. Just by helping them with this one task, I was able to make such an impact on their professional and personal lives. 

Seeing the difference I made, I knew this was the job for me!


Wanting a new challenge, I decided that it was time I started my own marketing business. I opened my services to a wider variety of businesses within the digital space who desperately needed to write off social media from their to-do list. 

I wanted the freedom and creative flexibility that being my own boss would bring to my life while also creating opportunities for my clients to do the same. 

Throughout my marketing career, I was able to provide value to numerous businesses and entrepreneurs by helping them get noticed by their ideal audience through creating research-backed social media strategies & high-quality content. 

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truly, nothing is impossible. 

Pho Noodles

We strongly believe....

That every great business deserves to have a competent digital marketer to get them in front of the right people. 

And that every passionate business owner should have the freedom to pursue their dream career without having to worry about tasks outside their expertise and passion. 

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