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5 Effective Ways to Land on the Explore Page

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

When you want to establish your internet presence and expand your network, social media is a guaranteed platform for it. And one of the hottest, most sought-after free exposure being explored today is Instagram’s Explore page.

Instagram’s Explore page is a discovery engine that serves as a gateway for IG users to discover new content and get the chance to be featured. With more than 1 billion users, more than 50% of whom visit the Explore page every day, the chances of your page being visited randomly are high. This is a massive advantage, especially for users who may not have a broad network of followers.

So, if you want to go viral, here are five effective ways that’ll get you featured on Instagram’s Explore Page.

#1. Learn From Existing Posts on Your Explore Page

It pays to know what your target audience is looking for and what keeps them interested and involved. People who will merely glance and scroll past your post or browse through your page and never return will contribute nothing to your brand growth.

You want a loyal audience whose interests are aligned with what you have to offer. Observe how well-established users use hashtags, locations, captions, and likes to boost their growth and assess whether there are good practices that you can adapt.

#2. Engage With Your Target Audience

Interaction and engagement with potential followers are critical, especially if you are still on a “discoverable” page. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to reply to every comment that your post receives, although that would be great. But a personalized response to your audience puts you at a higher advantage.

It opens an opportunity for conversation with your audience where anybody can share and get involved. Take advantage of IG's polls and practice social listening to understand how people are interacting with your post better.

Identifying your target audience is crucial. This is a group classification to whom your content will be more appealing. You can determine this group based on education, advocacies, age, and even location.

#3. Do More Of What Is Working For You

You don’t have to change your content or how you present it to your audience drastically, but you do have to be adaptable to what draws attention and be open to changes now and then.

Pay attention to what content on your page is getting more traction. You can also use tools like Instagram Analytics to better assess what is and isn’t working.

This is also where brand identity plays a role. Stick to a signature statement, such as a certain style or hashtag, that can be your identifying standard for every post. As much as you want to reach a broader audience, it is equally important that you carry all your existing followers and not alienate them when trying new things.

#4. Make Sure Your Engagement Is Engaging

Engagement should be done freely and proactively. And if you keep your content fresh and unique, an avenue to share thoughts, then friends and random visitors are bound to take a moment to be involved with your post, leave a comment, and even share your content.

Invest in the principle that social media and IG’s Explore page can strengthen your relationship with your audience and build loyalty. When you want followers that will stay throughout your growth, always involve them in as much content as you can.

#5. Use The Right Hashtags

You won’t know how powerful hashtags can be until you discover how to use them properly. Instagram allows you to use a maximum of thirty hashtags, and this is the easiest way for you to promote your branding on a local and global scale.

Think of hashtags as IG’s sorting mechanism. Be strategic and find a niche. With almost 95 million photos being posted on social media daily, these hashtags help each post efficiently hit its target audience. That is, allows your post to be discovered by users who’re interested in seeing it.

After Thoughts

Getting featured on the Explore page is a mix of content, strategy, and timing. While you may not be able to control timing, you can improve, even perfect, good content and strategy. Hopefully, these tips can help you make your presence known and wield the power of social media to boost your brand.

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