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How to Take the Stress out of Content Creation

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Content creation is an exciting field, but immersing yourself can be nerve-wracking. The quote “content is king” emphasizes how exhausting nailing “the perfect pitch” can be.

What if your content does not resonate with your audience? What if the 8-hour shift you pulled to craft the perfect piece amounts to nothing?

We understand how demanding the content creation process can be. To help make it easier, we’ve put together a list of five simple strategies or hacks you can use to ease anxiety during content production.

Create a Content Pillar

You can make a lot of content by developing a content pillar. Its versatility helps break down an informative piece of content about a specific topic into many sections, allowing you to fuel all the channels you’re struggling to fill.

From infographics and blog posts to videos, emails, and social media essentials—you’ll be surprised by just how much freedom one content pillar can offer you to attract all types of audiences.

Intrigued? Here’s a simple 4-step guide that can help you nail the strategy to perfection.

  1. Look at the bigger picture of your area of expertise while choosing the topic. Avoid specifics.

  2. Perform keyword research to maximize the reach of your content pillar.

  3. Choose subtopics and create different types of content about each of them. Make sure to link them back to the pillar page.

  4. Do your research and begin drafting your content.

Use Your Experience To Create a Content Strategy

Content creation is more than just giving free rein to your imagination and putting your talent to work. A significant part of it revolves around how it resonates with your targeted audience.

You could easily write a well-curated article, but if it’s not relatable, funny, or solves a specific problem, it will likely be of no interest to your brand’s audience.

To meet your target audience’s expectations and develop a broad appeal, you’ll have to create an effective content strategy. Ask yourself the following questions:

● What is the brand image and message I want to convey through my content?

● What type of content will best resonate with my target audience? Choose a question to answer for each piece of content.

● How do I deliver the desired content? What channels do I use? Will a Facebook live be better than a traditional blog post? Should I opt for the fan-favorite reels?

If you’re new to the field, turn on comments and host surveys to develop a customer-centric content creation approach. Direct feedback is bound to offer you reliable details to base your strategy on.

Optimize Your Content for Different Channels

As 4.55 billion people use social media to discover, learn about, and purchase products and services, how your brand comes across to your audience requires close attention.

Sharing your content across different channels spells well for your conversion rate, as long as your brand voice and message are consistent.

Use these tips to optimize your content:

● Use visible social sharing buttons on all of your blog posts.

● Write different headlines that resonate with audiences on different platforms.

Optimizing your headlines will help you gain traction by serving as the hook that reels people in.

Realize That Perfection Is Overrated

As content creators, we aim for perfection. And while it does encourage us to do better and improve our content strategies, the high expectations, constant corrections, re-edits, and revisions can trigger the critic and judge in us, slowing us down and taking away our confidence.

The only way out of this is to stop being critical of yourself and focus on the small wins. First blog comment? Awesome! Engage that potential customer to encourage a sale. First social media mention from a popular influencer? Celebrate and grow the connection if you can. These small wins will add an element of excitement to the process.

Put the “Pro” in Productive

To make the content creation process easier:

● Batch your time. It will take away any chance of “pausing” between your creation time because you know you’ll revisit the piece later for edits.

● Schedule the content to auto-publish. Invest in a social media automation platform to make the process easier.

● Create content a month in advance, so you have time to brainstorm topics.

● Hire an editor to take away the anxiety of committing major errors.

● Work when you’re most productive and break down your working hours into chunks.

Following these strategies can help take the stress out of content creation and help you get your content in front of the right audience.

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