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Top 5 Instagram Holiday Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales in 2021

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

The holidays are coming up, and it’s just the perfect time to ramp up your business’s social media game to gain attention and engagement for your products. Do you want to stand out against your competitors trying to win this season? Not sure how to start a holiday campaign?

Holiday Campaign Tip #1: Host a Giveaway

Giveaways are popular because they work! Instagram is the best platform to go viral with your content. Asking people to share your content in exchange for shares and comments helps you gain exposure and increases the chance that your content will circulate through the web.

Holiday Campaign Tip #2: Create a Deadline

Your business should take advantage of the Instagram shop feature that allows you to display your shop on your Instagram page.

The Internet age is all about convenience. By having the online shop on your page, it allows your followers or new visitors to instantly see what you have to offer and decide whether they see themselves in your product.

Did you know that businesses have had a massive increase in traffic and revenue from incorporating shop on their page? Brands have seen a 1,416 percent increase in traffic and a 20% percent increase in revenue. The statistics should give you enough reason to put effort into your Instagram shop as part of your holiday marketing campaign this year.

Make sure that you include clear instructions in your posts to encourage tags, likes, followers, and comments on your page.

Tip: Use your most popular item in your shop for your giveaway to get people invested in your giveaway. Hosting a giveaway is a one-holiday marketing idea that never fails!

Holiday Campaign Tip #4: Run Instagram Ads

Instagram ads allow you to reach millions of people that fit your target audience. These ads work best when you craft an ad message/image that resonates with your target audience and get them to click on your site.

Review your brand and the type of customer that you attract. What are some common interests that brings them to your brand and converts them into paying customers?

Incorporate your findings into your ad copy and test run your ad images to find your winning combination that will help you gain as much traction as possible for your holiday campaign.

To make your campaign more effective, you can offer a seasonal discount or some incentive for them to sign up. Building your email list for the holidays creates an opportunity for you to close the lead by emailing them directly in the future.

Holiday Campaign Tip #5: Influencer Marketing

Influencers have a strong presence on Instagram, with users looking to them when deciding what to buy. The most common mistake businesses make when it comes to Instagram is concentrating on vanity metrics (likes, follower count, etc.).

It has been shown that micro-influencers (10,000+ followers) have better overall engagement compared to more prominent influencers and typically lead to better results for your campaign. Reach out to influencers that match your niche and your brand for your holiday campaign to reach more of your target audience.

Example of a micro-influencer: Michelle Halpern with 70K follower.


I hope you find some marketing ideas to incorporate into your strategy for the holidays this 2020. The holidays are the perfect time to push your product since it is the time of the year where consumers are most readily receptive to buying. Happy Marketing!

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